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2020 Oregon Wildfires

The wildfires on Labor Day weekend of 2020 were not only the worst disasters that could have happened to residents, but the combination of bad circumstances created the perfect mix of bad results. When the fire occurred, we were 8 months into the COVID pandemic and supply chains had fallen apart across the world. Parts for everything, to include building houses were stranded in boats offshore, were on indefinite backorder from factories that had shut down, or were locked in stores with reduced essential staff. This meant household items and furniture were almost impossible to secure.

Enter Linn/Benton Furniture Share. Not only was the team of this great organization proactive in reaching out to our group to help survivors, they went above and beyond to secure additional donations that went to the families as they identified key items they could not find. This was all done while the Furniture Share was also moving locations three times, until finally arriving in their new amazing warehouse.

Kevin Dial (pictured)

Kevin Dial

First Bed

Some of our clients, especially the children, can really put things into perspective for us. One of our clients, a single mother, and her little girl came to our warehouse and were "shopping" for items after having to flee from a violent domestic situation.

They were able to fill their new home with a couch, a dinner table, and all of the kitchen utensils they needed to make a meal together.

But the one thing that made that little girl's face light up was a bed. One of our employees had the little girl pick out her first bed, she ran over to her and said "This is all for me?" while latching on to her leg for a giant hug.

Sometimes a hug is the most rewarding part of our jobs!


Spider-Man Sheets!

We encounter some heartbreaking situations that need immediate attention.

We had an urgent call come from a low-income family that was barely making ends meet. After being laid off, they were struggling to feed their child and didn't have beds or the most common kitchen utensils.

When our delivery team arrived, they saw the child sleeping in his "spot" at the time, which was a broken couch with no cushions. The springs on the couch were broken, creating a small "hammock-like" place for the young boy to sleep.

Once our team brought in their items and food box, our delivery team had the little boy test out his bed by jumping on it. With the biggest smile, he yells "THANK YOU!" for his own bed with his cool "Spider-Man" sheets.

Apex Property Clearing

John Origer, the president of Furniture Share's Board of Directors, leads with a deep commitment to the organization's mission. His company, Apex Property Clearing & Recycling, not only donates generously to Furniture Share but also provides invaluable support through demolition and junk removal services.

This partnership greatly enhances Furniture Share's ability to serve the community.

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