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Furniture Share's 2023 Ask Brunch

Standing together as a nation, it is our privilege and responsibility to champion causes that embody the true spirit of patriotism and compassion for our veterans. As a beacon of our commitment to these heroes, Furniture Share's Ask Luncheon is deeply devoted to the Veterans Welcome Home Kit program. By supporting this initiative, we convert barren spaces into homes, laying the foundation for our veterans to reconstruct their lives and play their pivotal roles in our national narrative.

However, having a roof is only the starting point. Beds, blankets, cooking essentials, and even a simple couch are vital. Imagine the transformational power of these items – enabling a better parent, spouse, co-worker, or student. Furniture Share is here to bridge this gap.

We cordially invite you to the 2nd Annual ASK Brunch by Furniture Share. Engage with speakers from various facets of our initiative and hear stories that resonate.

Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023
Location: North Albany Community Church
Time: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Soldier coming home

Together, we raised $43,875!

These generous contributions will be DOUBLED by The Heatherington Foundation to $87,750 to make this our BIGGEST fundraiser ever! These donations will make a world of difference in our "Veterans Welcome Home Kit" and "Healthy Families Thriving Communities" programs.

It's a testament to the amazing power of our community coming together for a great cause.

  • 2023 Ask Brunch
  • 20231026_110201
    POW and MIA Table
  • 20231026_110628
    Thank you table sponsors
  • 1698381042496-01
    John Kollaer - Volunteer of the Year
  • 20231026_110657
    Medals to honor our veterans
  • 20231026_110835
    Al Severson and John Kollaer
  • 20231026_110930
    Thank you Corwin Insurance
  • 20231026_111144
    Thank you to all of our guests
  • 20231026_111215
    One of several uniforms on display
  • 20231026_111334
    Chris Breshears with Michelle Robinson
  • 20231026_111352(0)
    Kevin Dial and Mathew Weaver
  • 20231026_111642
    Emerson and Linda Smoker, Mr and Mrs Mervin Stutzman and other guests
  • 20231026_111710
    Rebecca Grizzle selling raffle tickets
  • 20231026_111732
    Thank you volunteers Izabela Mattson and Karla Winans
  • 20231026_111913
    Central Willamette Credit Union table - Thank you!
  • 20231026_112003
    Our taco bar buffet table
  • 20231026_112106
    Thank you to all guests!
  • 20231026_112149
    Sarah Steen
  • 20231026_112441
    Melissa Schumacher
  • 20231026_112621
    Rebecca Grizzle, Greg Bolton, and Benton County Sherrif Van Arsdale.
  • 20231026_112906
    Cherita Wilson
  • 20231026_113434
    Ashley and Drew checking in our guests
  • 20231026_115741
    John Kollaer
  • 20231026_115800
    Al Severson
  • 20231026_120040
    Michelle Robinson
  • 20231026_120055
    Honoring our veterans
  • 20231026_120106
    Passing out medals as a tribute to our veterans
  • 20231026_120139
    I pledge allegiance...
  • 20231026_120225
    Shelley Henderson
  • 20231026_120421
    Thank you veterans
  • 20231026_120653
    Michelle and Shelly - Community Excellence Award for Copper Rock Realty
  • 20231026_120735
    Michelle giving the award for Outstanding Service to Jeff Hetherington. Thank you so much for the matching donation of $43,825!
  • 20231026_120811
    Chris Giminez of Cyber Scriber receiving the Above and Beyond Award.
  • 20231026_120837
    Cherita Wilson receiving the Dedication award.
  • 20231026_120845
    Cherita Wilson receiving the Dedication award.
  • 20231026_120930(0)
    Kathleen Hutchinson receiving the Lead Advisor of the Year award.
  • 20231026_121436
    Kathleen Hutchinson
  • 20231026_122008
    Ty Pos
  • 20231026_122851
    Mathew Weaver
  • 20231026_124219
    Kevin Dial
  • 20231026_125305
    Michelle Robinson
  • 20231026_125758
    Charita and Ashley
  • IMG_7908
    Cherita and Michelle
  • IMG_7910
    Cherita and friends
  • IMG_7912
    Kaitlin Hobbs with Michelle
  • IMG_7916
    Al Severson
  • IMG_7917
    You make a profound difference
  • IMG_7918
    Thank you Amerititle and guests for your support
  • IMG_7919
    Melissa, John and Sarah
  • IMG_8585
    Ready for the event
  • IMG_8590
  • IMG_8591
  • IMG_8593-(1)
  • IMG_8596

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