Furniture Share Needs You!

If 400 Donors Like YOU Give $20 a Month, Together We Can Provide the Gift of Sleep, Safety, and Wellness to 5,000 People in Crisis and more than 1,600 Children a Year!

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**1 Free Furniture Pick Up a Year for Every Individual Monthly Donor (General Pick Up Cost $30)**

Sponsor Options

We are located on the corner of 3rd and Lilly Ave. in South Corvallis, inside the Bertsch/Allied Moving & Storage Warehouse.

Furniture Share, is happy to schedule a pick-up of your donation as long as it is within our deliverable area for a $30.00 Donation. (Our Monthly Donors of $20+ are gifted 1 free donation pick up a year.)

Your willingness and ability to bring the items to our warehouse location reduces our operating costs considerably. To schedule a pick up please call 541-754-9511 and we will contact you to schedule the date and time.

Donations must meet our health and safetly guidlines. Sometimes a really nice peice of furniture is too big or not functional for the small spaces our clients live in. We do not have luxury of space in our warehouse to hold these items. Thank you for understanding this before you call and request a pick up. Our Office Manager is happy to help determine ahead of scheduling if we can accept all the items you hope to donate.

Furniture we can not reuse will be left at your residence. When our avalability permits, a request to remove items for the dump is possible with an additional donation of $80. This donation covers the dump fee and, we provide the transportation and labor. (Furniture must fit in the space available in the truck at the time of pickup & cannot be in a condition that may damage any of the reusable furniture in our warehouse. We do not remove BioHazardous Materials/Items and limit these pickups to furniture items only)