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Families in Crisis

Feeding Our Future effectively reaches and serves the needs of vulnerable families and children in our community, providing tables and chairs, benefits to family meals, recipes, and conversational starter tips to ensure smooth transitioning to a better quality of life and behavior at work or school. Feeding our Future provides 5,000 individuals with healthy food boxes filled with locally grown fruit and vegetables and locally made no preservatives breads and 200 tables and chairs to families. Research data supports the fact that families that eat together have improved nutritional decisions, vocabulary and achievement at school or work, greater family stability and family behavior resulting in less violence. The American Public Health Association published the following report. Amid the vast array of scientific literature on reducing teens’ risk for substance use, a new report offers a method as pure and simple as pulling up chairs around the family dinner table. Teens whose families eat dinner together at least five times per week are less likely to smoke, drink and use drugs, according to a recent report from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. “This year’s study again demonstrates that the magic that happens at family dinners isn’t the food on the table, but the conversations and family engagement around the table”. When asked about the best part of family dinners, the most frequent answer from teens is the sharing, talking and interacting with family members. The second most frequent answer is sitting down or being together. It was also found that teens who have frequent family dinners are more likely to report having excellent relationships with their parents and siblings. This project provides dinner tables and chairs, a healthy food box, five simple recipes with 5 items or less, benefits to family meals and conversational starter tips to encourage healthy meals, and easy mealtime steps to improve family conversations and is designed to improve health, education, and family stability along with performance at school, the workplace, and community. One of these tools is a dinner table.

Single parents, families, and other individuals who wish to transition to improved conditions often experience better health, improved performance in jobs and school, better relationships from less worry, and greater self-confidence. Providing Furniture to Individuals in Crisis with recycled furniture and household items can ensure smooth transitioning to a better quality of life. Furniture for Individuals in Crisis project seeks to provide basic furniture needs such as a sofa/love seat, end table, coffee table, book shelf, TV, adult bed and linens, dresser and other furniture needs to 3,100 individuals and families. Without a functional living space, families are unable to stabilize their lives or move toward self-sufficiency, improved health and independence. The challenge of living in an inadequate environment can adversely affect mental and physical health, and significantly increase the probability of repeat hardship. Providing individuals and families with recycled furniture and household items can ensure smooth transitioning to a better quality of life. The provision of adequate furnishings is considered both emergency assistance and basic needs fulfillment.  With that being said, the degree of improvement to a child’s/human being environment is unmeasureable.  Thousands of children will sleep on the floor or on a couch, families eating separately in silence and or a parent cannot read a book to their child because they do not have adequate lighting such as a lamp. These hard working families which are considered the working poor cannot afford to purchase basic home furnishing. As you can see, overall, this leads to an individual that is educated and more likely to be a contributing member of society. One of the leadership benefits we have seen with this program is the development of community volunteerism…many of our clients are now volunteers.


BEDS for KIDS provides more than 1,900 children with a bed, pillow, sheets and blanket who are in emergency or vulnerable situations who sleep on cold floors, in street clothes and in conditions that increase sickness, deprives sleep and contributes to poor performance in schools. Success outcomes are children who sleep in beds with a pillow, sheets, and a blanket often experience better health, improved performance in school, a better relationship with peers and family rather than practicing sleep deprived habits, and should experience greater self-confidence. Sleep is one of the most important activities we do to boost the quality of all aspects of our lives. However, for the thousands of children living in poverty, who are sleeping without a bed, getting the proper amount of sleep is just not an option. Without enough sleep, these school-aged children experiencing poverty are put at a serious disadvantage and are unable to learn at their full potential. By giving them the ability to get a good night’s sleep they will be one step closer to completing their education and breaking the cycle of poverty.  Studies have shown that one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education and the completion of high school. As well, inadequate sleep when combined with other stress factors, like poverty, can cause higher levels of behavioral problems and put these children at even more of a disadvantage. We need to give school-aged children as many tools as possible to complete and succeed in their education. One of these tools is a bed.